Temple Rosa


Rosa Mundi, the Rose of the World. Welcome into the world of the rose...


For millennia the rose has been a symbol of the Divine Feminine. What is the Divine Feminine? She is Intuition. Nurturing. Healing. Wisdom. Patience. Expression. 


In the past year and a half I've worked hard—physically, emotionally and spiritually—to reunite with my Divine Feminine. I had no idea how badly I'd cut her out of my life, until I noticed the changes that fully embracing her brought. I even healed a 20-year allergy to wheat–the staff of life, and representative of the sacred feminine.


I now live in the flow and rhythm of life as I never have before. I'm inspired. I'm joyful. I have more energy. I'm truly alive. I'm happy to be alive. And I want to share this healing work with other women. 

Holistic Rose Reiki


Embrace and restore your Divine Feminine with the support of Reiki and the essence of the Rose Healing Ray. You'll enter a state of deep relaxation, activating the body's natural healing response and helping to restore your body, mind and soul. Not a massage, this is a transformational energetic experience.


This unique session includes rose water, essential oils to activate the chakras, and Holy Fire® Reiki in combination with Rose Ray healing. These beautiful energies work together to assist with a myriad of concerns including self-love, self-worth, confidence, inner beauty, womb healing and more, allowing your inner radiance to come forth. Reconnect to your purpose, embrace your soul's essence.


$140 session (tax incl.) 120 mins.

Women's Circles


The call to sit in circle is an ancient one. Women used to gather daily to share stories, to heal, to offer wisdom, and to support the community as a whole. 


In sacred space we access our intuition, enjoy restorative practices, share our truths and receive healing activations, Reiki or meditations for the body, mind and spirit. Release old stories and fears, share wisdom and reconnect with your soul in a fully supportive sisterhood. For women, non-binary and those who identify as female. 


Through breathwork, crystal activations and meditations, we'll deepen into our intentions for the year and re-light our inner fire. Reclaim your power and nourish the seeds of 2023. Treats & beverages will be served. 


Upcoming Circle: Coming soon.

Maximum 12 sisters. Join the newsletter to stay in the loop.

Location: Studio #414, 10 rue des Pins ouest.

Please email to register & for e-transfer.

The Blossoming


A six-week program where we dive deep into the wisdom of the Rose and the arms of the Divine Feminine with the support of energy healing and sisterhood. 


Week I: The Barefoot Rose ~ Cutting the cords. Releasing the fears holding you back.

Week II: Rooted ~ Grounding yourself right where you are. Reclaiming your personal power.
Week III: The Garden ~ Tending the soil. Journey towards your deepest longing.
Week IV: Seeded ~ Planting the seeds of your soul's calling.

Week V: The Bud ~ Aligned action. Tending the garden. 
Week VI: The Bloom ~ Unfolding. Embodied living. Enjoying the fruits of your soul's journey. 


Coming soon.

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