Women's Circle


In sacred space we access our intuition, enjoy restorative practices, share our truths and receive healing activations, Reiki or meditations for the body, mind and spirit. Release old stories and fears, share wisdom and reconnect with your soul in a fully supportive sisterhood. For women, non-binary and those who identify as female. 


Come together in community: Through breathwork, crystal activations and meditations, we deepen into our intentions for the year and re-light our inner fire. Reclaim your power and nourish the seeds of 2023. Treats & beverages will be served. 


Upcoming Circle: Coming soon. 

Maximum 12 participants. Join newsletter to stay in the loop.

Location: Studio #414, 10 rue des Pins ouest.

Please email to register & for e-transfer.

Group Reiki Level 1 Training


Certified 8-hour class in Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki includes


▽ The history of Reiki and Sensei Mikao Usui

▽ History of Holy Fire® Reiki

▽ The Reiki ideals and the three Pillars of Reiki 

▽ Dr. Chujiro Hyashi's Healing Guide

▽ Level I Reiki Placement

▽ Kenyoku technique, Gassho meditation & Byosen scanning

▽ Using a pendulum with the chakra system

▽ Practice self-treatment and on fellow students

▽ Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice

▽ Reiki I & II textbook (179 pages) in English or French

▽ Certificate upon completion


Upcoming training: March 2023. 10AM-6PM

Location: Studio #414, 10 rue des Pins ouest.

Investment: 8 hours, $150. Maximum 6 students.

If you're interested, please sign up to the newsletter below or send me an email..

Crystal Energy Workshop


An introductory atelier on the benefits, possibilities and joys of working with crystals. This hands-on workshop includes:


~ Introduction to crystals including the most common stones, their properties and how to use them in your everyday life.

~ How to choose, cleanse, charge and work with crystals, including grids, medicine bags and gem elixirs. 

~ Create your own grid for attracting joy and abundance.

~ The ethical and environmental considerations to keep in mind when buying crystals.

~ A guided meditation experience with crystal energy.

~ A 10-piece crystal kit for your future energetic work ($25 value).


Upcoming workshop: March 2023

Location: Atelier Parfait, 322 Victoria Ave., Westmount

Investment:  2.5 hours, $75

Maximum 7 participants.

If you're interested, please sign up to the newsletter below or send me an email..

Crystals, Chakras & Self-Healing


This 3.5 hour workshop takes a deeper dive into personal healing with crystals. We'll explore the chakra system and how you can use crystals to heal and enhance your well-being.


~ Overview of the human energy system including the aura

~ The link between crystals and colour therapy

~ How to treat deficient and overactive chakras

~ How to scan your energetic body

~ Practice giving and receiving a 40-minute session

~ A 10-piece crystal kit for your future healing ($25 value)

~ An intuitive method for yourself, family, clients, and pets


(Note: taking the intro workshop is not a pre-requisite.)


Location: Studio #414, 10 rue des Pins ouest.

Date: Coming soon.

Investment: 3.5 hours 

If you're interested, just sign up to the newsletter below or send me an email..

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